5 Tips to Raising Your Homes Value Before Selling


Kitchens Can Make the Difference

A modern updated kitchen ranks #1 for over 1/3 of millenial buyers and buyers of all segments have long focused on the kitchen. This doesn’t mean you hove to replace it all. A fresh coat of paint and new hardware can sometimes be enough. If updating appliances and countertops are in the budget, stainless appliancs and granite or quartz countertops win hearts. And it could raise your home value 3-7 percent 


Paint is an Upgrade

Before you list to sell your home consider painting high traffic areas or surfaces that have had it tough. But don’t go too crazy. It’s not nesessary to point every inch of your home. For short money you can  have your home looking its best. Keep the colors neutral whites and off whites or grey as it will appeal to most buyers. And keep it clean. Buyers are turned off by sloppy work with splatter on the floors or glass of windows.


Make it Low Maintenance

Most buyers want to spend their time enjoying thier new home, not worrying or working on it. Have the major systems such as the furnace and septic serviced and make any repairs needed. If your roof is at the end of its expectancy consider having it replaced. Replace worn carpets with solid hardwood flooring or luxury vinyl plank flooring. All of this will pay off with a potential increase of 3-5 percent in value.


Curb Appeal

If the siding to your home has been the victim of deferred maintenance it could hurt how many buyers want to see your home. Replacing or repainting the siding can have a dramatic effect on buyers. Keep shrubs trimmed and keep the area from looking over grown. And don’t forget the front door. A quick coat of paint will go a long way to impress potential buyers. And the best part is  it could all increase the value of your home another 3 percent.


Smarten Up

More and more buyers are making smart homes a priority. Consider installing programable thermostates, security cameras, door locks and/or lighting that is smart tech. Sometimes these little details make a big difference when the buyers are comparing which home to put their offer on.