15 Step Marketing Plan


Designed to capture the maximum exposure for your home in the shortest period of time, we’ll implement my proven 16- Step Marketing Plan. We will begin with a pre marketing campaign to build interest while you are preparring your home for buyers to come see. I build custom adds for Facebook, Instagram and Google.

Here’s how it all looks:


  • Price your home strategically so you’re competitive with the current market and current price trends.
  • Stage your home to cast a positive light on the features most important to buyers
  • Place “For Sale” signage, complete with sigh rider providing drive by traffic an easy way to get more informatio on your home by texting to access your homs website.
  • Pre Market your home as “Coming Soon” on major sites like Zillow, Realtor. com and Trulia.
  • Optimize your home’s interent presence by posting information on the MLS system, including 40 high quality photographs and an inviting description of your property.
  • Begin an online social media campaign inculding ads about your home on Facebook, Instagram and Google
  • Create a home information booklet with flyers to place inside they property for buyer showings
  • Produce a virtual tour of your home, placing it on multiple websites to attract both local and out-of-town buyers.
  • Target our marketing to active real estate agents in your area.
  • Include your home in local broker tours, allowing agents to see your home for themselves
  • Create an open house schedule to promote your porperty to prospecive buyers and market those open house online via social media and on 3rd pary sites.
  • Place your home on Listing Booster platform that pushes your listing to over 300 sites
  • Target active buyers and investors in our database who are looking for homes in your price range and area.
  • Take ariel photos of the property when appropriate
  • Create unique website for property